The United Latinos Of The UFCW Strongly Condemns White Supremacist Hate Crimes Against The Asian And Pacific Islander Communities.

The United Latinos of the UFCW strongly condemns white supremacist hate crimes against the Asian and Pacific Islander Communities.

We mourn the senseless death of Daoyou Feng, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Julie Park, Hyeon Jeong Park, and the other victims who yet remain to be identified. Our hearts go out to their families, friends, and communities.

On the evening of March 16, a white man murdered eight workers at three different spas in Atlanta, Georgia, most of the workers targeted in this hate crime were Asian and immigrant women. The shooting in Atlanta was not a random event, it was but the latest iteration of hatred, white supremacy, and racism. This time fueled by groundless information that against Asian communities, making them responsible for the global pandemic. This rhetoric must stop.

As a community we must refute those biased, anti-Asian, and misinformed narratives. Asian and Pacific Islander communities are not at fault. We call on our members and community allies to speak out against any and all forms of racism. Solidarity must prevail above all. Particularly within the labor movement. Our members, including many who identify as Asian and Pacific Islander, have been at the forefront of care and service during the pandemic. We must be there for them as they have been there for us. We are too well acquainted with the devasting harm that the pandemic has had in our communities, let us not continue to harm them by spreading anti-Asian sentiment and misinformation. Now more than ever we must uplift each other, fight for one another, and condemn hate.

The United Latinos of the UFCW uplifts the work of Asian and Pacific Islander organizations who are fighting to dismantle white supremacy. We commit to fight alongside you.


In solidarity,

The United Latinos of the UFCW