The John Rene Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship

The John Rene Rodriguez Memorial scholarship Fund was established by the Rodriguez family and is administered through the United Latinos of U.F.C.W. The Fund benefits U.F.C.W members and their de- pendents that pursue a higher education and need financial assistance to pursue those goals.

The Scholarship Fund will award one (1) academic scholarship annually at a minimum of $1,000. This scholarship will be distributed to the College, Univer- sity, Trade School or Institution of higher education during the first school semester.

We honor the memory of John Rene Rodriguez by supporting and empowering Union Members in high- er education. As a Union Representative for Local 540 and a Vice President of the United Latinos of U.F.C.W., it is a fitting tribute to him that the labor movement honors his memory through education and the pursuit of academic excellence. John Rene’s commitment and calling was to advance the cause and programs that helped support the advancement of the Union and its members.

Your participation, whether applying for a scholar- ship, or by making a financial contribution will help UFCW members become active participants in the PROGRESS for ALL WORKING FAMILIES.


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