Join the United Latinos



To join the United Latinos of UFCW, complete the membership form in any of the three ways listed below.

1. Download, Print and Return by mail.  Download and complete a membership application in English (click here) or in Spanish (click here). Return it with your annual dues payment to the address listed on the application.

2. Complete the Online Application and Return with payment by mail.  Complete the application by clicking on the link below then mailing the annual dues payment to the address listed on the form.

3. Complete the Online Application and Online Credit Card Payment. Click the link below and complete the online application and credit card payment.  You will receive an email confirmation with your dues payment receipt.

Local Unions,  providers and friends of the UFCW can also participate by becoming a Sponsor of United Latinos by making an annual contribution. These moneys enable us to work toward our goals of Latino Empowerment and Building Latino Pride.

We look forward to your membership and support!