Latina Equal Pay Day

As a reminder, Latina Equal Pay Day is THIS Thursday, November 1, 2018. Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Share the email below with your network. 
  2. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Sign-up to Co-Sponsor the Twitter Storm or receive more information at: by tomorrow, October 31 at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT
  3. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Contribute to the toolkit at or email If you would like to use the official LEPD logo in your graphics, it is attached. The extended deadline is also tomorrow, October 31 at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT. 
  4. Share the save the date:
    • SAMPLE TWEET: STD #LatinaEqualPay Day is Thurs 11/1! Join us! We’ll #DemandMore #equalpay for #Trabajadoras! 53c on the $1 of White men is not fair or enough 4 Latinas & families. Let’s address the causes of the #wagegap from lack of transparency to occupational segregation to sex harassment. (The save the date graphic attached.)
    • If you have a network in the Greater Atlanta, GA area, please invite them to Thursday’s Power Summit. Info included below.
  5. Participate in the social media storm on Thursday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT using using the primary hashtag #LatinaEqualPay and secondary hashtags #Trabajadoras, and #DemandMoreClick for all details!