The UFCW is connecting with all workers

During Wednesday night’s Democratic debate on Univision, UFCW launched 2 Spanish-language ads featuring UFCW members.  The ads focus on immigration, encouragement for naturalized members to become U.S. Citizens, registering to vote and turning out to vote in elections.

The two ads are part of a larger campaign effort, both through social media and on the ground, to reach immigrant workers. Approximately, 8.8 million legal permanent residents, currently in the U.S., can become U.S. citizens, and UFCW aims to connect with them. The UFCW has had an initiative program titled the “Union Citizenship Action Network” (UCAN) that has provided immigrant members with resources for the naturalization and citizenship process.

“Our union is positioned to transform the lives of our members and all workers that deserve to be our members. Because if you live and work in America, if you’re contributing to the prosperity of this nation, you should have the opportunity to become an American that’s a fundamental principle of our participatory democracy,” said UFCW International Secretary-Treasurer Esther López.