18 Senate and Governor races Latinos could influence in 2014

Be sure to GOTV!  Latinos have a large influence on the outcome of many local, statewide and national races.  Latinos voter turnout has been increasing and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.  The rise in turnout is greatly attributed to the efforts of student, community and Latinos groups.  Check out this great article on Latinos electorate vote.   18 Senate and Governor Races Latinos Could Influence in 2014 

The 2014 election is now just 8 days away and almost all the attention on the Latino vote is in Colorado’s Senate race.  While other states with large Latino populations may not have competitive Senate races in 2014, the Latino population is not just a phenomenon in the Southwest. 14 years ago, the 2000 Census revealed quite clearly that the Latino population is spreading rapidly across the Southeast and Midwest.  Including Colorado, there are six states in which the Latino share of the eligible electorate is larger than the current polling margin between the two candidates.  Six States: Colorado, Kansas, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Iowa. What’s more, many of these states are undergoing rapid population changes with Latino registered voters growing by 438% in Georgia and 575% in Kansas from the 2000 to 2012 presidential election, according to Census statistics. So these are states where we should continue to paying attention to the Latino vote in future statewide contests. We are not saying that Latinos will singly decide the 2014 Senate election across all six of these states, but rather that these states should be on your radar screen on November 4th. 2014influence_1 However voters are heading to the polls to elect more than U.S. Senators in 2014.  There is a long list of competitive gubernatorial elections that will decide control of the Governor’s mansion in about a dozen states and the Latino population is large and growing across these states as well.  Looking at competitive elections for Governor, there are 12 states where the share of Latino eligible voters is larger than the current polling margin between the two candidates.  Some of these competitive states like Arizona and Rhode Island are now moving more towards the “leaning” column, but still have very large Latino electorates.  But other states like Florida, Colorado, Connecticut and Illinois all have margins of 1% or less and Latino voting populations of 10% or more.  Other states like Georgia and Kansas which small but growing Latino populations have competitive races for both Senate and Governor that could all be decided by less than 1%.  Even the state of Wisconsin which is currently rated as a tie in the polls has a 3.3% Latino eligible electorate and has had 124% growth in Latino registered voters from 2000 to 2012. 2014influence_2       Read complete article: http://www.latinodecisions.com/blog/2014/10/27/18-senate-and-governor-races-latinos-could-influence-in-2014/